Monday, May 30, 2011

Post No. 6- It's Memorial Day

I spent the morning (and last night until 3 am, naughty me) pricing out some of the pieces I've made, calculating the exact-ish price of beads I've bought, surmising the amount of time it takes to make a bracelet with seed beads as opposed to hex beads as opposed to cubes...  Many creative or artistic people hate this sort of thing.  Not me!  I love tedious busy work.  I used to teach Ear Training at Juilliard, and I remember being the only one of my colleagues who actually enjoyed the ends of semesters, when it was time to calculate grades, painstakingly adding up hundreds of handwritten numbers.  Yes, I love the peace, and the balance, and knowing exactly what is to come from what I'm doing.  Perhaps this was due to the trauma of my first identity, as a classical pianist, and the helplessness of knowing that no matter how much I practiced, I might ruin it all in performance with just a few missed notes...

I always envied visual artists the chance to make something just right and have it stay that way!  No nerves getting in the way or sudden, unexpected destruction.  I was never any good at drawing; so glad to have found a way to gain some sort of continuous control over my art, as happens when I design and make jewelry.  This, and writing/arranging music; I can just sit there as long as I want, perfecting, perfecting...  Love it!

Speaking of making jewelry, here is my Sky Cluster Necklace No. 1, finished yesterday:
Two large and completely different chalcedonies, one long and smooth, one chunky and raw, share a sterling silver ring with Czech glass beads sitting across a smooth jade round, and an interesting concoction I cooked up by combining a beautiful lampwork bead by etsy's radiantmind with some blue lentil beads.   I like!

You know what else I like?  Nodeform's rings on etsy...  mmm...

Nodeform, why do you torture me so?  Why do I not have thousands of dollars to spend on your lovely creations?  If I did they would all be mine...  Nodeform...

In parting, I've been included in a couple of cool treasuries in the past bit.  Check them out!




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