Thursday, June 2, 2011

Post No. 6- What Happened Today?

Hiya folks.  It's been a couple days, hasn't it?  As usual, I can't remember what happened in those two missing days at all, (which is why I probably should have blogged!) but that's probably because my brain is all filled up with today.

Not that it was a particularly exciting day, but it was not my run-of-the-mill day either!  My 8 year old son went under general anesthesia this morning for dental work.  He had a few cavities filled- it only took 45 minutes- and then several hours were spent dealing with his loopy recovery.  At 71 pounds, he's not the easiest to deal with when he's flopping and flailing around like a crazy person (he said he felt like a clown and a bobblehead, both of which I could agree with,) but we made it through.

I did get a chance to make a few bracelets while I helped the kids practice the piano, though.  Ironically, they were a version of my Piano Keys Bracelet.

I made a few of them because it seems to be everybody's favorite.  I have a whole series of "musical scale" bracelets which I'll explain at some point, but this is one that has the coloring of the actual piano keyboard.  Which is kind of appropriate coming from me, as I am a pianist.  I'm actually usually against piano-themed products, but this one is understated enough that I like it, a lot.

Now for my latest etsy fave.  Here are some fabulous cocktail rings from onegarnetgirl.  Love!  Want!

You can visit onegarnetgirl's shop on etsy here:

Alright then, peoples, until tomorrow!


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