Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post No. 9- Moving Makes Me Crazy

Hey!  It's crazy around here as we prepare to move to New York City over the next month or so.  Soooo much to think about, from selling apartments, cars, instruments and furniture, painting, packing, renting a trailer, arranging a monster trip across the country, finding work, getting the kids into school, seeing as much of Utah as possible... the list goes on!

In the middle of all this I've still found the time to make some new jewelry!  Here are some of my newer pieces:

First I got some awesome new garnet beads and made these:

Garnet Rose Necklace

Garnet Rose Earrings

and Garnet Rose Anklet!

If you like that anklet (or me!) please visit the Jewelry on Etsy Team blog and vote for it to win our "Anklet Challenge!"  I think you can even enter to win prizes yourselves!

Anyway then I went to the Gem Faire when it came into town, got a whole bunch of incredible, ancient Roman glass, buried for thousands of years in the sands of Afghanistan, and made these:

Long Strand of Ancient Roman Glass and Jade on Grey Waxed Linen

Long Strand of Ancient Roman Glass and Jade on Natural Waxed Linen

and my Ancient Roman Gladiator Necklace!

I've actually also made a couple of pairs of earrings from this beautiful glass that I haven't had a chance to list yet.  It's so inspiring to work with!  I'm in LOVE...

Speaking of inspiration, let me share with you another etsy artist I find inspiration from.  This is Sunsan, out of Santorini, Greece.  I love so many of their pieces...

Visit their wonderful shop here:

OK!  Off to more moving things again!  Visit my new "other" blog at
 for more of what's up with me!


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