Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post No. 8- Life Goes On

Hello peeps!  It's a busy time, what with all the endings and beginnings of late.  Tomorrow is the kids' last day of school.  I love when they're out of school because I get to sleep in a little!  Also, for some reason life is just easier for me when there's no school to push everything into separate corners of the day.  I know I'm supposed to feel the opposite; maybe I'm just too lazy!

I've made quite a few pieces of jewelry in the last few days.  After a year of only wire wrapping, I've suddenly begun experimenting with new (to me) ways of stringing beads- with special beading wire, and just today I wove beads on waxed thread and tried my hand at memory wire for the first time.  Pics soon!

Speaking of pics, here are a few more of the Swarovski crystal necklaces I made recently.  Finally got around to listing them on etsy!

And now, before I sink into blissful oblivion, let me share with you the work of another artist on the Jewelry on Etsy Team, DebrasDivineDesigns:

Don't you love how she sets those gorgeous butterfly wings?  You can visit her shop here:  I am pleased to announce I won one of her butterfly pendants just yesterday by writing the following hilariousness:

A Beader’s Hands

Twisting, turning, bending, swirling,
Wire up, down, and around.
Hands are cleaning, mind is dreaming
Jewels and crystals yet unfound.

Fingers over keyboard dancing,
Wishing they were somewhere else,
Where colors dance in sunlight, sparkling,
Gem and glass and stone and felt.

Now these hands must help with homework,
Now a dinner to prepare.
Almost time now, to the table-
Resin, silver, beads, beware!

In the throes of beading rapture,
To the JET’s discussion thread.
Admiration, inspiration; 
Now to bed, hands, now to bed.
And I obey!

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