Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post No. 2- Cloudy Day

I'm in the same place as I was when I wrote yesterday, although today it's about 10 degrees cooler and the sky is more of a bluish-white.  Which reminds me of a ring I made recently...
Yup, that's the color of the sky right now.  The color of pale blue chalcedony, apparently...  :-)  This ring has a fabulous hammer-faceted chalcedony and is made of oxidized sterling silver wire.  It's listed here:

Can I tell you how glad I am I make rings?  It took me a while to actually decide to learn how and do it.  I myself have loved rings since high school, when I wore a ring on every finger.  You can count yourself lucky I don't have a picture of that!  I wore long broomstick skirts, had the largest hair I could manage, and yes, numerous rings.  I remember my reason for this being that I couldn't choose which ones to wear, so I had to wear them all.  I even wore several on some fingers.  Most of them were plain silver, and included a snake, a dolphin, a puzzle ring, and a Russian wedding ring.  I've lost most of them by now (except, of course, my least favorite one) but the one I liked best I remember clearly- a small amethyst marble captured in a squiggle of silver wire.  Someday I will recreate it, I can feel it...

My taste in rings is a bit different now.  For one thing, I never wear more than three, spread out between two hands.  I also prefer rings with large stones, which is a large part of what I go for when making rings, at least right now.  Again, it's all about color!

My computer's been running super slow today, probably because I was using GarageBand earlier.  I was using it to record an accompaniment track for my husband's cousin, so he could rehearse without me for his drag show next week.  I love using the piano for unexpected purposes...  I'll post pictures of it after it happens in a week!

Anyway, because it's running so slow, I've run out of time to write this post, so let me direct you to my latest treasury on etsy, called "Butterfly Effect;"  and say... hasta manana!


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