Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post No. 4- Sleepy Time

Zzzz....  That's the kind of day it's been today.  I actually fell asleep in the afternoon, which is very rare for me!  I'm not a ready napper, but when I do, I sleep deeply.  I woke up not sure if it was Saturday or Sunday morning, which makes sense because it was pretty much right in between.  I eventually settled on Sunday morning, as I could remember going into the recording studio this morning...  which still feels like yesterday, now!  Confusing.

As for the recording studio, I am recording some Irish traditional music on the piano.  It was not my most productive session ever; I wore out my wrists on the piano's tough action after about an hour and a half, and my allergy-stricken voice gave out after about 30 minutes.  Oh well.  I may have gotten one track, which would be one more than I got last session!

What I should have done today, rather than sleeping (and taking the kids to the pool,) was get a new camera so I can photograph my latest creations!  Here is an iPhone pic of the Swarovski crystal necklaces of yesterday, along with a turquoise and purple "Cluster" necklace I made last night for my husband's cousin's graduation; a special order from my mother-in-law.

Closer up pictures within the week, I promise!

"Cluster" necklaces, by the way, are a type of necklace I make using a variety of beads hanging from a silver ring.  Most of them are monochromatic,

although I have on occasion made variecolored ones, like the Autumn Cluster Necklace, the Citrus Cluster Necklace (not pictured,) and of course more to come!

Here's a close-up look at the Peach Cluster Necklace:

We've got a smooth aventurine oval, a stack of Czech glass rondelles, an orange chalcedony teardrop, and a peach aventurine organic cube.  Here's where it's listed, etsy-side:

But enough about me.  Let me share with you a jeweler I discovered yesterday from Turkey, who makes the most interesting rings:

Sterling silver with gemstones in surprising places.  That "diamond" ring does have a stone in its cage!  The coolest, with many more in her shop on etsy here:

Well, I think I may go sleep again!  Nighty night...


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