Friday, May 27, 2011

Post No. 3- Before the Rain

Blah.  It's a blah, blah day.  I spent much of it making wedding-inspired necklaces with some exciting Swarovski crystals I just got in the mail from  I used to love crystals as a child; my prize possessions were little Swarovski crystal figurines, and a large, faceted crystal ball which hung from a slat on my canopy bed.  I remember once catapulting myself from the bed and whacking the center of my forehead on it, leaving me with a bump nearly the size of the crystal!  I'm surprised that didn't happen more often, actually...

First thing this morning I discovered that the water bottle that ruined my purse yesterday by opening and pouring itself into my bag also fried my camera.  Very bad!  So, no fresh pictures of my work today.  Instead I'll share something I made a couple months ago.  My sister-in-law-to-be came over today to try on necklaces and this one looked surprising fabulous!

It's all aquamarines, with sterling silver, of course.  I love the chunky, organic look of the stones, the icy coolness of it all.  Here's where it lives on etsy:  Funny- again, it's the color of the sky right now.  Must be something to that!

Speaking of the sky, (which I do have a thing for,) here is a picture of the sky earlier today, while it was beautiful enough to make the irritation of Memorial Day weekend traffic a little less irritating...

...and a ring I made for my friend's birthday a couple nights ago.  

See the resemblance?  :-)

And further on the subject of sky-jewelry, here are some ultra cool rings I was admiring in an awesome, England-based shop on etsy recently...

Each of those elements is separate from the other, and can move around on your finger.  Love it!  Check it out here:

The X-Men is blaring away downstairs and I'd better get to making dinner for my kids...  Until tomorrow!


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